Media Updates

Hope FM with John

Sleep Monk's media journey commenced on Hope FM with John, where the brand's commitment to providing quality sleep solutions for the South African market was discussed. The engaging conversation set the stage for Sleep Monk's subsequent recognition across various media platforms.

Podcast and Chill with Mac G

Podcast and Chill with Mac G continued the momentum, showcasing Sleep Monk's distinctive approach to blending style and comfort in its bed designs. Mac G's laid-back interview style highlighted the brand's dedication to creating sleep sanctuaries that resonate with the diverse South African population.

The Morning Bliss with Patricia Mantula The Morning Bliss with Patricia Mantula further amplified Sleep Monk's presence on the national stage. Patricia Mantula's show explored the brand's roots in South Africa and its impact on the well-being of the nation through innovative bed solutions, adding depth to Sleep Monk's narrative.

Spaces and Time with Paul Mnisi on Radio 2000

On Spaces and Time with Paul Mnisi on Radio 2000, Sleep Monk emphasized the harmony between design and functionality in their beds. The interview showcased the brand's dedication to providing aesthetically pleasing and comfortable bed options for diverse South African homes.

David Mashabele Afternoon Show on Radio 2000 The media circuit concluded with the David Mashabele Afternoon Show on Radio 2000, where Sleep Monk shared its vision for the future of bedding in South Africa. The interview shed light on Sleep Monk's role in shaping a new standard of comfort and quality in the nation.

eTV's The Morning Show Competition

Adding to Sleep Monk's accomplishments, the brand has secured a coveted spot on eTV's The Morning Show. This platform provides an exciting opportunity for Sleep Monk to showcase its innovative bed designs to a wider audience and offer the lucky winners with the best beds in town.

These diverse media features and the inclusion in eTV's The Morning Show underscore Sleep Monk's rising prominence in the South African bed market. The brand's unique blend of innovation, style, and comfort continues to captivate audiences across the nation.