Memory Foam Topper Deluxe

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 A high-end topper crafted with mattress tops, cooling gel, and memory foam. Tailored to your specifications for optimal sleep.


  • Weight 3-5KG
  • Height 10cm

In the box

  • Mattress topper. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Memory foam mattress topper

Delivery was the next day, very impressed with that! The topper is very hard. I know memory foam must be molded over time but I could honestly not stand sleeping on it more than 5 times of really trying. Maybe it is just not for me. I bought it to make my posture better and sleeping softer on hard mattress. But quality is good. Cannot complain about the product itself just too hard for me

Great quality topper

Easily the best made topper I found for the price - it looks exactly like the one in the preview video, with mattress-like fabric, piping & stitching. Only thing that I would add (and to make it a 5 star product) is some corner straps to attach it to the mattress.

Delux memory foam mattress topper- put to the test

Despite yesterdays review about the topper being thinner than it looks in the advert if comparing the first picture of the advert( the white covered topper), the over all service of Sleep monk was great, i did get the best sleep i have had in a long time on my futon bed, the topper made my bed feel like a cloud, i woke up with no shoulder or back pain this morning which is a bonus to me, i can recommend the product to anyone having dead leg feeling when lying in bed. and i wish the company all the best success for the future.

esther Cronje
Memory Foam Delux mattress topper

I received my delux memory foam mattress topper today,i must say I am so disappointed as it definately does not look like the photos as advertised it is much thinner than the one in the demo video and the two photos on the product advert, im almost tempted to un pick the stitching to check inside, as it feels like the memory foam layer cannot possibly be as thick as the advert, the two photos on the advert shows a really thick topper and the blue inside photo in the ad is much thicker than in reality, im so disappointed,as i was so excited to own a south african brandedand manufactured product, nnbut hopefully it will give me some comfort tonight i really expected it to be as it says a delux product, the stitching and fabric is of good quality though.